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101 Level Dog Class

The 101 level is where your pet training begins! 

101 classes cover behavioral and obedience training basics for both puppies and adult dogs. Pet owners learn training concepts and techniques based on learning theory, dog ethology, and humane reinforcement. 

101 classes are semi-private group training for families and their pets. Puppies over 10 weeks of age and adult dogs are welcome, provided there is no history of aggression toward people or other animals. For those dogs who have not yet achieved group-appropriate socialization, 101 can be completed

101 training classes are limited to six dogs per class. 

101 Program Structure:

Part 1) The 101 program begins with your family and dog attending an informative, lecture-based seminar that introduces the basic concepts and applications that will be used throughout the rest of your participation in Peggy Moran's school for dogs. These seminars are offered several times per month.

Part 2) After attending one of the seminars your family and dog will meet with Peggy for one-on-one assessment and half-hour private lesson that will begin your dog's education in a customized manner. This will help get your training off to the best start possible! 

Part 3) Once you have completed the first two steps in the 101 program, you are ready to jump into the five-lesson course curriculm. You can start any time, with any of the lessons, as each contains stand-alone content that does not need to be learned in any particular order. Once you have attended each of the five lessons in the course, you are welcome to repeat any or all of them again, as many times as you want, at no additional charge! 

101 Fees: The cost for the entire program (parts 1-3) is $325.00

101 Training Syllabus:

Lesson 1 Seminar (prerequisite for attending group classes):

  • Leadership and Learning Theory
  • Reinforcement (The Good Stuff!) Versus Punishment (The Bad Stuff)
  • The Self-Controlled Dog

Lesson 2: 

  • How Dogs Learn Cues
  • Applied Positive Reinforcement
  • Permanent Boundaries
  • The Inner Circle of Safety


Lesson 3:

  • Flight Extinction: Curtailing Canine Keep-Away
  • Red-Light/ Green-Light: Polite Social Greetings


Lesson 4:

  • The End of Selective-Hearing
  • Obedience Versus Cooperation


Lesson 5:

  • Controlled Walking 
    • Leash Handling Techniques
    • Following the Leader--Willingly!
    • "Let's Go" Versus "Heel"
    • Differentiating Class, Study Hall, and Recess


Lesson 6:

  • Restraint Concepts:
    • Wait
    • Stay
    • Gate
    • Place



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