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Monica Moran


About Monica:


I am Peggy Moran's daughter and, after completing my undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago, where I studied Anthropology, I began working with my mom as her associate. I have grown up surrounded by animals ans animal training, and have worked under my mother's tutelage as an assistant trainer for many years.

My area of specialization is human/pet animal relationships from an academic, social sciences, perspective, and my thesis was about pet dog acquisition. I've been actively teaching people about living with their pets and acting as a pet sitter since I was 15 years old, and grew up attending my mom's dog training classes. I have also worked as an animal camp counselor and program director, trail guide, and horseback riding instructor. I co-founded Teacher's Creatures with my mom in 2006. We co-star with our vast array of pet animals- from ferrets to a Sulcata tortoise, many of whom are rescues or donations- to educate children about empathy, animal behavior, biology, and commitment. In addition to all my work with animals, I also live with two dogs, Buttercup and Arya, and a Meyer's Parrot, Zuri.



I offer a variety of in-home options for pet owners, all specific to my clients and their individual needs.   

Daily Walk-and-Train: 

This option is ideal for people who work during the day. It works as a supplement to their training AND guarantees their dog is exercised while they're away from home. I provide 20-30 minutes of exercise, play, and specialized training. Don't leave your pet locked in a cage for 8 hours! This is a great alternative to boarded training, and takes place in your home and neighborhood, improving obedience, walking calmly on a leash, reactivity, potty training, and destructiveness stemming from boredom. 

In-Home Pet Training Lessons: 

I use a reinforcement-based, positive method that focuses on the relationship between you and your pet. Rather than punishment or bribery, my training methods are based on the principles of reinforcement and psychology, and give you the tools to get the behaviors you want from your pets. Lessons focus on both behavioral training- which deals with running, jumping, play-biting, barking, digging, potty training, counter surfing, running through doors, and so on- as well as obedience training- such as sitting, lying down, walking on a leash, coming when called, etc. 


Vacation Pet Sitting:


Rather than sending dogs and cats to unfamiliar kennels or boarding, I offer in-home pet sitting while owners are away. For my clients with pet dogs, I'll reinforce training and offer optional training packages as an alternative to boarded training. This is an especially good option for people who have multiple pets! I have experience with many species besides dogs- I've worked with everything from cats and ferrets to herps, horses, and pet birds. They'll be safe and happy in their own home, and you can rest assured that your house is being looked after in your absence.

Please contact us by phone or email if you'd like to learn more about any of the services I offer!





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