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Peggy Moran began training dogs at the age of 15, in 1975. She was a pioneer in the development of force-free training methods, engineering her own system of teaching and communicating with dogs. Peggy’s methods are based on respect for dogs as thinking, reasoning social subjects and family members, rather than as objects that must “obey” their “masters”.


Peggy’s daughter, Monica Moran-Pachl has followed in the family dog training tradition, offering training services for both companion and service dogs. Monica’s training is based on Peggy’s original methods paired with her own academic knowledge and unique insights.


Peggy’s husband, Dave Deihl, manages the property, training facility, and kennels with help from their son, James. James also assists with service dog and companion dog training classes, and is involved in K-9 Search and Rescue with Peggy. Peggy’s younger daughter, Stephanie, is a music teacher but also likes to help out assisting with training when she is available.

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About Peggy Moran:

I am a life-long dog lover and began training dogs professionally when I was 15 years old. I have been devoted to dog training as both my career and personal passion ever since. I specialize in problem behavior modification as well as behavior problem prevention. I use positive, progressive reinforcement methods, and love working with dogs of all ages, breeds, and backgrounds. I have been behavioral consultant to the American Dog Owners’ Association; a guest speaker to the Northern Illinois Veterinary Medical Association, the University of Illinois Police Training Institute, at the University of Chicago, and at many area humane societies; I have done in service training for the staff of the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago. I was a monthly columnist, feature article writer, and online editor for Dog World Magazine from the mid 1980’s through December, 2002. I am the author off a book, “Your Happy Healthy Pet Golden Retriever”, and a series of dog training chapters and professional dog training DVDs for Wiley Publishing’s Happy, Healthy Pet Dog series. I was the recipient of the ASPCA’s Pet Overpopulation Answers Award through the Dog Writers’ Association of America in 2000; I have been featured on many local radio and television programs; and I have been a frequent guest on Animal Planet Radio and other media.

I have a BA with Honors in Anthrozoology, MSc credits in Clinical Animal Behavior through the University of Edinburgh Royal Dick School of Veterinary Medicine, and am a certified evaluator for:

The National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, #1110

The Foundation for Service Dog Support, # 53

The American Kennel Club, Canine Good Citizen, #9580

The American Professional Dog Trainers Association, C.L.A.S.S, #E751117

I am certified in BLS/ CPR through the American Red Cross. I am certified in Pet CPR through eCornell University.

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About Monica:

I am Peggy Moran’s daughter and, after completing my undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago, where I studied Anthropology, I began working with my mom as her associate. I have grown up surrounded by animals and animal training, and have worked under my mother’s tutelage as an assistant trainer for many years. My area of specialization is human/pet animal relationships from an academic, social sciences, perspective, and my thesis was about pet dog acquisition. I’ve been actively teaching people about living with their pets since I was 15 years old, and grew up attending my mom’s dog training classes. I live with my German shepherd service dog, Arya, and a Meyer’s Parrot, Zuri.

I offer a variety of in-home options for pet owners, all specific to my clients and their individual needs:

Daily Walk-and-Train: This option is ideal for people who work during the day. It works as a supplement to their training AND guarantees their dog is exercised while they’re away from home. I provide 20-30 minutes of exercise, play, and specialized training. Don’t leave your pet locked in a cage for 8 hours! This is a great alternative to boarded training, and takes place in your home and neighborhood, improving obedience, walking calmly on a leash, reactivity, potty training, and destructiveness stemming from boredom.

In-Home Pet Training Lessons: I use a reinforcement-based, positive method that focuses on the relationship between you and your pet. Rather than punishment or bribery, my training methods are based on the principles of reinforcement and psychology, and give you the tools to get the behaviors you want from your pets.

Our Facilities

  • Puppy Playtime at Peggy Moran's School for Dogs
  • Indoor Dog Training Arena at Peggy Moran's School for Dogs
  • Roscoe and Ziva at Peggy Moran's School for Dogs
  • Indoor Playtime at Peggy Moran's School for Dogs
  • Outdoor Play Yard at Peggy Moran's School for Dogs

Why Choose Us


Our training methods are ethical and humane. We never use hostility, scolding, jerking, striking, shocking, or scaring. We treat dogs as sentient Others deserving of our love, care and protection. Behavior changes are achieved by retraining human family members to understand and apply learning-theory based strategies. Dogs enjoy learning and participate willingly.


We are informed by a combination of decades of hands-on experience; comprehensive academic education and research; and ongoing continuing education. When we meet with you and your dog, you can be certain you are receiving sound, empirically supported assessment and advice.


Starting from the day you make contact with us, we provide you with the modes of support that work best to help you achieve your training goals. We provide written and video reinforcement of lesson plans and training techniques, and are available for follow-up reinforcement through email, text, video chat, and telephone calls.