Civilian Service Dogs


Civilians Service Dogs in Illinois

Best Friends … And Medically Necessary Team Partners


Services dogs aid people from all walks of life, assisting with symptoms caused by both physical and psychological disabilities. We specialize in training service dogs for diagnosed hearing, mobility, PTSD, and TBI conditions.


We help with the selection and acquisition of the perfect canine partner, and then offer training support for both the human and canine team members, and also include caregivers and family members to the degree desired by the dog’s handler.


Our training process is inclusive, meaning the handler and supporting people are participant in the entire training process. This allows a strong, loving bond and deeply trusting relationship to develop. Dogs are treated as sentient family members, rather than as living medical aids. Training progresses at the team’s pace, and is never impatient or unkind. Dogs and people are treated with care and respect, and training methods are always reward-based. We do not use methods that cause pain or fear.


We protect patient privacy at all times and follow HIPPA guidelines. We customize training to suit the individual needs of our clients, and work closely with referring medical professionals to make sure training remains therapeutic and progressive.


Civilian Service Dogs can be very expensive, and medical insurance is unlikely to cover costs; however we do assist our clients with setting up fund-raisers, and by offering pay-as-you-go and income-based fee-adjustment.


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