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 Are you ready to improve your dog?

If you'd like to get scheduled for one of my programs, please visit the links in the drop down menus at the top of this page; new class start dates will be updated in each category as they become available.

We offer two types of training for you and your dog:

1)  Lessons where you participate and learn along with your dog. 

2)  Immersive dog training, where we begin and refine your dog's training, and then teach you how to reinforce the training in follow-up lessons (which are required for the training to work!)

Our dog training programs build strengths across several categories of learning, including:

  • House-training, for appropriate elimination habits.
  • Socialization, for comfortable, confident interactions in new environments and with people and other pets.
  • Behavioral training, for improved manners and self-control.
  • Performance training, for connection, cooperation, and consistent response to cues.

Learn With Your Dog:

Group Dog and Owner Training Options

  • 101 Classes provide the foundation of behavioral, obedience and performance training for all students; completion of 101 is required in order to participate in applied training classes. 
  • Drop-in Training Classes are for all graduate students and for beginners participating in 101 level training with Peggy's approval.
  • Puppy Play Classes provide off-lead puppy fun and games for socialization and training reinforcement.

Private Dog and Owner Training Options

  • Private Lessons might be your best for option for obedience and behavior modification if you need one-on-one help, have an aggressive dog, or have a busy schedule.
  • In-Home Lessons offer the same benefits as private lessons, with the added perks of being context-specific and without the hassle of transporting your dog. In-home training is not appropriate for dogs with certain types of aggression problems. An initial consultation may be required at our place, before starting lessons at your home. Our transportation fee varies depending on the distance we have to travel to and from your home.

We train your dog (and follow up with you):

 Dog Training Camp Options: 

  • Dog Day School allows you to drop your dog off for fun, supervised social play as well as one-on-one training reinforcement.
  • Dog Boarding School provides customized, full service care and training at our new country home and training facility in Manteno, Illinois. We offer door-to-door roundtrip shuttle service, and follow up training in your home or at our facility.
  • Puppy Potty and Manners Camp gets your new puppy off to the best possible start, for a lifetime of shared happiness in your home.

How to get started:

  • Preregister by e-mail, phone call, or my enroll form.
  • The costs for training are all listed on the fees page.
  • Class cancellations will be posted on the news page (e-mail me for the password).
  • Find us on the directions page. (Always check about 30 minutes before your class time, just to be sure we are still on!)

Note regarding absences: In the event you need to miss a class, you may make up the lesson by sitting in on one of the other classes. There are no refunds.