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The 101 level is where your pet training begins!


  • 101 lessons cover behavioral and obedience training basics for both puppies and adult dogs.

  • Pet owners learn reward-based dog training concepts and techniques based on learning theory, dog ethology, and humane reinforcement.


101 Program Structure and Fees: 

Option 1:    6-week group dog training class (in Manteno): $320.00 

  • Small group class meets 1x/ week for 6 weeks.

Option 2:    5-week private training program: $450.00/ Manteno, $600.00/ in your home*

  • A slightly concentrated version of the six-lesson course is taught through five one-on-one private or in-home weekly lessons.
    * Additional travel charges may apply depending upon your location.







Chose Your Training Location

101 Training Syllabus:

Lesson 1:

  • Leadership and Learning Theory (which we use) VS "Dominance" and "Alpha" Methods (which we don't use!)
  • Reinforcement (The Good Stuff- which we use!), VS Punishment (The Bad Stuff- which we don't use!)
  • The Self-Controlled Dog  
  • Permission Training

Lesson 2:

  • How Dogs Learn Cues; Free-Shaping
  • Applied Positive Reinforcement
  • Permanent Boundaries
  • The Inner Circle of Safety

Lesson 3:

  • Flight Extinction: Curtailing Canine Keep-Away
  • Red-Light/ Green-Light: Polite Social Greetings

Lesson 4:

  • The End of Selective-Hearing
  • Obedience Versus Cooperation

Lesson 5:

  • Controlled Walking 
    • Leash Handling Techniques
    • Following the Leader--Willingly!
    • "Let's Go" Versus "Heel"
    • Differentiating Class, Study Hall, and Recess

Lesson 6:

  • Restraint Concepts:
    • Wait
    • Stay
    • Gate
    • Place
    • (and a revisit with permanent boundaries!)