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Dog Boarding and Training: 

Peggy Moran's force-free dog training camp allows you to keep your dog's mind and body working even when you are unavailable!

  • Puppies and adult dogs benefit from the socialization they get during supervised play sessions with canine friends. 

  • If you are heading out of town, you'll feel better knowing your dog is staying in our home rather than in a commercial boarding kennel. Your dog will become part of our family, spending time with friendly pets and people while learning great manners and improved obedience training skills.

If your dog has a serious behavioral problem your dog needs to participate in training with you and your family!

Make Your Dog's Reservation:

If you are interested in scheduling boarding and training for your dog, please give me a call at (708) 323-2722 or submit the enroll form to get started. Please fill out and submit the behavior history and  veterinary history forms as well! 

Please Note:

Dropping a dog off to strangers at an unfamiliar place will not help your training, it will frighten and confuse your dog. Therefore, I only board and train dogs who have come here first, for at least one private lesson! No exceptions.

Additionally, dog boarding and training will not compensate for lack of dog training involvement from family members! Consider these services as supplemental to your active participation in your dog's training. Without follow-up participation and training reinforcement, any benefits from dog boarding and training will not last for long.