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Dog Training Workshops

Build New Skills Through Our Dog Training Workshops!

  • One-day group training events combine taught theory and methods with coached hands-on skills, facilitating training advancement in a variety of fun, shared dog-and-handler activities.  Each workshop is 2.5 hours long
  • Each workshop teaches fun new skills while strengthening important training basics.
  • Dogs of all ages may participate.
  • No prior training or prerequisite skills are required; however dogs with behavioral issues such as high arousal, shyness, or aggression may not participate, and should instead be evaluated privately so that appropriate behavior modification protocols can be suggested. 
  • If you have multiple dogs, each dog attending a workshop must be accompanied by a designated handler. 
  • Family participation is strongly encouraged! 

  • Attendees (human and canine) will be provided with snacks and beverages, however you may bring their own provisions as well or instead.

  • Attendees are advised to wear appropriate clothing for outdoor activities in a rural setting. Hats, bug spray and sunscreen for people, and flea/tick preventatives for canines, are advised during warm weather.

  • Each dog attending must have had evidence of up-to-date veterinary records submitted prior to attending. Once you have submitted veterinary forms showing vaccinations are up to date, you do not need to resubmit to attend additional workshops that occur within the period the dog has been shown to be protected.  Click to fill out the form: veterinary history. 

  • Each dog attending must have a recent (3 months) behavior history on file; click to fill out the form:  behavior history.

Workshop Registration:

Click on the appropriate button to enroll and pay for any workshops you would like to attend. Spots will be offered in the order payment is received. Cancellations will be offered full refund up until one week (7 days) before the scheduled workshop. A 50% refund will be offered for cancellations occurring within six days of the workshop. Cancellation made on, or after, the day of the workshop will not be offered a refund. Any cancellations received prior to the start of the workshop will be offered the option of applying their payment to an alternate workshop, provided it has an open spot.


  • Dog-and-handler teams: $45.00/ workshop; additional (immediate) family members attend for free.
  • Second dog-and-handler team, same family: $30.00
  • Auditor without dog: $20.00

Workshop Topics (Click Pay Now Button to Sign-Up):

The Nose Knows: Coming soon!

For many dogs, nothing is more fun than sniffing! Come learn how amazing your dog's sniffer is, and then put it to work through fun new scent-identification skills. Teaching your dog when and where to sniff can actually help reduce unwanted sniffing behavior. Your dog will learn several new scent discrimination and indication games that introduce a whole new way to engage in teamwork that is both fun and mentally stimulating. For dogs 12 weeks and older, limited to 10 dogs per workshop.


The Snuffle Trail: Coming soon!

Advance your dog's super-sniffer skills learning how to encourage your dog to sort scents and participate in this amazingly fun, outdoor, scent-based obstacle course. Open to all dogs four months and older. For dogs 12 weeks and older, limited to 10 dogs per workshop.


Jump for Joy: Coming soon!

Obstacles are no obstacle for spring-loaded dogs of all sizes, and you don't need a springer spaniel to participate! Dogs of all breeds are encouraged to join in this workshop that teaches some mad jumping skills (only on cue, of course!) to dogs over one year of age. (Sorry, puppies; we don't want to damage your open growth plates!) Hula hoops, high and broad jumps, your leg, jumping rope, and more; this workshop's airborne activities will have your dog hopping to it! For dogs one year of age and older, limited to 8 dogs per workshop.


A Day at the Recall-Races: Coming soon!

This workshop will get your dog's giddy-up and go pointing toward you at the finish line! We will be teaching and reinforcing the perfect recall (come when called) and then putting our money where our mouths are during timed, off lead(!), one-on-one speed trials and match races (all practices and races will be performed inside a safely enclosed area). The fastest dog of the day will win a prize, but every dog and handler will go home victors, with greatly improved recall skills increasing reliability and safety. For dogs 10 weeks of age and older, limited to 10 dogs per workshop.


Tricky: Coming soon!

This workshop is full of surprises! Each participant will learn three new tricks. What tricks? I'm not telling, but they will be different each time I offer the workshop. After lots of practice and coaching, dogs and handlers will get a chance to demonstrate their new mad skills, to either show off or get some extra help. But wait, there's more! The dog-and-handler team with the most crowd-pleasing performance will win a prize! For dogs 12 weeks of age and older, limited to 10 dogs per workshop.


HELP! Group Trouble-Shooting Clinic: Coming soon!

Some dogs just don't get it...whatever particular "it" you might be trying to teach them. Generally the problem underpinning your dog's noncompliance has...two legs; sorry. But not to worry! There's nothing like group therapy to get your handling, and in turn your dog's head and resulting behavior, right. Workshop participants will offer peer support through commiseration and by working on the same troubling areas each participant offers up during their turn to be the complainer. During this "Pet-Parent Effectiveness Training Clinic", professional coaching, problem resolution, handling demonstration, and training assistance will be provided. Don't worry, we only share first names! Dogs of all ages and frustrated family members are encouraged to attend. Tissues for crying owners will be provided at no extra charge. (It will be alright! Really!) By the end of this workshop, the glow will be back in your relationship with your dog, and your dog's rude-rover ways will be fading into a soon-to-be-forgotten memory...or at least will have improved a lot. For dogs 4 months of age and older, limited to 8 dogs per workshop.




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