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Puppy Potty Training and House-Training For Adult Dogs:

Potty-training is usually the first priority for new puppy owners.

When dogs eliminate outdoors and generalize that indoor spaces are non-toilet areas, the dog is considered house-trained. While some puppies seem to "house-train themselves" in a matter of days, others struggle with accidents through canine adolescence and sometimes on into adulthood.

Adult dogs can struggle with potty training, too.

The puppies which fail to get off on the right paw during early potty training may end up taking a turn for the worse as they mature and their elimination habits do not. Frequently puppies who failed potty training turn up in shelters when their owners can no longer believe their pet will "grow out of" inappropriate elimination and can no longer live with indoor messes.

Perhaps you have a new puppy and are hoping to avoid adult dog house-soiling problems. Or perhaps you have a newly adopted adult dog who is bringing bad potty habits from the past into his new home. Either way, potty training can be a challenge for both pets and people, but with the right training information and some patience, in no time your dog will be doing "business" outside and ONLY outside!

You can set your puppy or adult dog up for potty training success.

This is done by following simple, logical steps, and by remembering to save your emotions for positive bonding moments with your pet. Punishment, anger, and disapproval have no place in any aspect of training. When pet owners lose their cool during house-training efforts they can cause irreversible damage both to their dog's house-training and trust of human beings.

If you are struggling with a dog house training problem or are hoping to avoid one by getting your puppy started on the right potty training track, contact me for a consultation. In one lesson you will have all of the answers you need to prevent and resolve your dog toilet training issues!


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