Dog Training Schedule

Programs We Offer:


101-Level Group Dog Training Classes with Peggy:

meet on Sundays at noon. Additional days and times may be added; call or email for the next start date.


201 Level Dog Training Workshops:

201 Level classes are ongoing; 101 graduates are welcome to join any time.

Be sure to submit the enrollment forms; as soon as I have looked them over, I’ll contact you to discuss getting started.


Private Dog Training With Peggy:

One-on-one lessons in Manteno with Peggy, by appointment only.

Please be sure to fill out the enrollment forms so I know all about your dog’s behavior and veterinary history, and so

I know how to get in touch with you. Once you have submitted the forms, call to get scheduled: 708-323-2722


In-Home Dog Training With Monica:

Private lessons in your own home with Monica, by appointment only.

Please complete the behavior and veterinary history forms under the Dog School Enrollment tab and we will follow up

with a phone call to get you scheduled.


Dog Boarding School Training:

We offer dog board and train services year-round, by appointment only. Please fill out the enrollment forms and I’ll

get back to you quickly to talk about your dog’s training needs and scheduling.