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Dog Training Concepts and Achievement Levels:

First Level; Green Leash:

  • 101 graduate, controlled walk on leash with 3 or less corrections
  • 1 minute distant "Wait" (on lead), with name response and no break when remotely praised
  • Three sits in a row during controlled walk
  • "Down" on command
  • Appropriate during social greeting by strangers (3)
  • Settles when owner settles; alerts and preps when owner stands
  • Releases for toy after offering eye contact and waiting for "OK" command
  • Respects permanent boundary
  • Obeys temporary boundary command ("Gate")
  • Only takes food from hand and ground with permission prompt
  • Only jumps into lap with permission prompt

One Red Stripe:

  • Short "Sit-Stay," proofed with name and praise, remotely released on "OK"
  • "Come" as a front sit position, executed as: forward, pull-out, come, leash assisting allowed
  • "Heel" finish (sitting at left side) from "Come," leash assisting allowed

Two Red Stripes:

  • Short "Down-Stay," proofed with name and praise, released on "OK"
  • Come from "Down" when positioned directly in front of handler
  • "Right" finish from front to right side (sitting at "Heel" on right side)

Three Red Stripes:

  • Long "Wait" (three minutes), owner greeting other people/dogs and then sitting away from dog
  • "Down" on hand signal

Second Level; Red Leash:

  • Off lead controlled walk, three or less mistakes
  • "Come" when called, off lead

One Black Stripe:

  • "Heel" finish, off lead, on hand signal
  • "Down" on hand signal, from controlled-walk/pull-out, on lead

Two Black Stripes:

  • Recall ("Come") on hand-signal
  • "Sit-Stay," one minute with distractions
  • "Down-Wait," three minutes, owner out of room

Three Black Stripes:

  • Off-lead "Heel," zero corrections
  • "Stand-for-examination," on lead
  • "Up-to-sit" on hand signal  

Third Level; Black Leash:

  • Off-lead "Stand-for-examination"
  • Off-lead "Drop-on-recall," on hand-signals
  • Off-lead send to "Bed" with implied wait
  • Demonstration of full training repertoire 

Blue Stripe on Any Color Leash:

  • Hold and carry three unfamiliar objects
  • Retrieve on command

Green Stripe on Any Color Leash:

  • Find one missing (hiding) person
  • Locate three lost objects belonging to owner along a track
  • Identify scent material and indicate appropriately

Yellow Stripe on Any Color Leash--Award of Distinction:

  • Pass a Therapy Dog Test
  • Earn an Obedience Title
  • Earn a CGC Title
  • Earn a Performance Award (Agility, Flyball, etc.)